Importance of bhakti

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Growing up in the west is challenging as devotion and humility are foreign to the culture. Striving for our inner perfection while working through outer imperfection without getting discouraged, realizing we’re a divine being. The minimum practice as a Hindu is to live a virtuous life and fulfill duty.

What Is Hinduism?

Modern Adventures Into a Profound Global Faith


Since 1979 the international magazine HINDUISM TODAY has been producing a treasury of educational features on all aspects of Sanatana Dharma. Guided by the founder, Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami, the magazine’s editors, who are initiated monks of the Kauai’s Hindu Monastery, collaborated with holy men and women and experts around the world in creating graphically rich guides to virtually every important aspect of Hinduism. The best of those works are assembled in What Is Hinduism? for Hindus and non-Hindus alike to discover the culture, beliefs, worship and mysticism that is India’s greatest gift to humanity.

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  • Last Update July 20, 2023